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Welcome to the
MUi shacK!  

Home of the Original Mui Shack Sauce!


The most frequently asked question we receive is "Why did you guys start Mui Shack?" Here's our why.


After the passing of our mom, we all moved to different parts of the world. As siblings, we decided to create something that would keep us united while aiding in our individual goals. Working through our grief, Mui Shack was then created by Lanee and Carolina. As time progressed our brothers joined us in really bringing Mui Shack to life, and here we are. 

So much has happened since we launched, the greatest being the passing of our beloved sister and creator of Mui Shack - Carolina Fili Sio-Naiuli. While our Mui Shack Aiga has physically come down to 3, our sister's spirit and inspiration behind The Mui Shack continues through us. 


We want to express our sincerest gratitude to every one of you for all of the support and love we have been so freely given thus far. 

Mui Fam Faves

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